Am I An Alcoholic? Do I Need Help?

Alcoholism has become a major problem globally and one of the causes of violence, crime, and even road accidents. There are also other personal problems such as alcohol addiction. The legality of alcohol doesn’t necessarily translate to safe. Many teenagers have turned to alcohol as an essential means of entertainment, it has been estimated that 11% of alcohol consumption in the United States is connected to youths aged 12-20 years. This makes it easier to become alcoholics at an older age.

After a study of the statistics of binge drinkers and their behavioral characteristics we have create a list of ways for people to conduct self assessment in order to find out if they may need help with alcoholism as this may be a very sensitive topic to discuss with friends and loved ones. Here are questions that help self assessment;

Deteriorating health caused by excessive alcohol

There are major damages to the system that can be caused by alcoholism over a period of time. These include damages to the kidney, liver, pancreases, and other parts of the body. People often become more susceptible to diseases such as cancer of the esophagus, mouth, and other areas.

Without alcohol withdrawal symptoms emerge

Often times alcohol addicts are not aware that they are addicted until they try to stay away from alcohol for a short period of time, then they start to experience withdrawal symptoms. The physical need for this substance may lead to anxiety, depression, aggression, tremors, and others

Decline in judgment

Behavioral changes may be noticed in a possible alcohol addict such as bad decisions, and risky behaviors. This may be accompanied by mood swings and irrational, unpredictable actions.

A local alcohol detox center is recommended for alcohol dependency, these facilities are the best places for a complete detoxification and rehabilitation.