Another Amazon Secret: Using the “Search Inside!” Feature continues to be profitable despite many setbacks faced in the past years. It remains as the online company to be reckoned with ever since it survived the “ bubble” of the 1990s. Where others have fallen, Amazon emerged almost unscathed. It continued to build its online bookstore and managed to diversify its product line to include DVDs, CDs, MP3s, apparel, and electronics, to name a few.

The company has also helped countless individuals with their affiliate programs. The authors also benefited much from the many programs that the company launched. Using the Search Inside! The feature of enables authors to use a revolutionary program to merchandise their books. In the usual search process, customers just put in a keyword in the search bar and the system will return a list of books. While customers may find the book titles they are looking for, there may be some similar books that might be missed out. Using the Search Inside! The feature of will make sure that customers will be given the best possible results when they make a particular search. This account based marketing is another way through which you can improve your search results and get the bst product and offer that you are looking for on Amazon. 

This is because the search system makes use of actual words from the books. It is not limited to the author, title or keywords supplied by the authors or publishers. From the point of view of customers, they are given more options and even more specific results. This means that customers can discover book titles that could have been missed by the normal search process. With more lists, they can buy the book that best matches their needs. With Search Inside!, customers can also browse sample pages to see if the book is the exact match.

Additional searches can also be done to confirm if a particular book title is indeed the one they are looking for. From the point of view of publishers and authors, the enhanced search feature can mean more exposure to millions of prospective buyers. With more exposure, there is a higher chance to sell books. Once you are accepted into the program, all you have to do is to provide a physical copy of the books (or electronic copy) that you want to be included in the program. It takes around three to eight weeks for your books to be added to the program, depending on the format you submitted.

A little drawback is that you, as the author, have no control over which pages you want to be displayed on the Amazon website. You cannot restrict the display of any specific page that you deem is important to be kept under wraps. Other than that, the program is quite beneficial for both authors and customers. Authors are given promotional mileage, while customers are given the best possible book titles specific to their search criteria. Using the Search Inside! The feature of is one great way to promote and market your books. It gives customers more information that will help them decide whether to buy the book or not. More exposure can mean higher book sales.