ARTRA Condo Price – How Much Does An ARTRA Condo Singapore Cost?

Redhill is now becoming more interesting because of a new addition made by the Tang Group which is the ARTRA Condo Singapore. Loving this new condo residence is just so easy due to the fact that this is fully featured with luxurious facilities which surely change the lives of both the tenants and residents. They will eventually find great comfort that they cannot get from other places or means of accommodation.artra_condos_bring_you_closer_to_the_hustle_and_bustle_of_singapore

The Price

People anticipate the launching of this new condo residence this 2017. Fortunately, the space of this property covers about four hundred (400) residential units. These condo units have been spread over the mega condo complex that reaches up to 43 stories in height.The Urban Redevelopment Authority sold the land parcel which is situated at the Alexandra View under the program called Government Land Sales. The Tang Skyline won the bid and its amount is about S$376.88 Million or equivalent to S$851 PSF PPR.

Tang Group’s strong commitment and great customer care helped them a lot in transforming the lifestyles of many people. They do this by successfully planning to acquire the expansion zones making them an excellent company in its industry.

The location has been a perfect spot since it lies close to the Redhill Hub and MRT station. Moreover, people highly appreciate its affordable pricing. It is due to the reason that its developer was able to win over the land property at an extremely attractive cost.

Stay in a Luxurious Condo Singapore at a Cheaper Cost

The search is over. You finally found a perfect condo residence that can fulfill your dreams and goals in life. This time, you can enjoy the grandeur that life brings you. Take advantage of the opportunities that ARTRA condo Singapore provides to you at an attractive ARTRA condo price.