How To Avoid Always Losing In Chess

Chess is a highly skillful game that requires precision and accuracy. To beat the odds and win, you need some tips. With the right combination of skill and meticulousness, you are on your way to your very first victory. Here are some few tips that you can work with towards your goal of success.

Attack in the middle game


Unlike other beginners whose main aim is to attack when playing, have a different strategy. Attack in the middle game. The middle game is when all the opening moves have been done successfully and the game now has officially began. Here, always be on the lookout on how you can capture your opponent’s pieces. Any piece that isn’t protected is your chance to grab it. However, before making any move, make sure that your pieces are well protected lest it be a trap to get your most valuable pieces.

Lose your pieces wisely

During a chess game, your pieces will most definitely be taken, the same applies with your opponent’s pieces. Whereas this is in order, always figure out what the best swap is. The following point should guide you on the importance of each piece.

  • Queen has 9 points
  • Rook has 5 points
  • Bishop has 3 points
  • Knight has 3 points
  • Pawn has 1 point

The above list shows you that it is not a wise move to lose your bishop or knight to save a pawn.


Don’t be too fast

To be successful at chess, patience is a virtue. However good you think a move is, there is always a better one. Therefore, try not to make quick moves at any given time.

The End game matters

You and your opponent have both lost most of your pieces. It is time for the end game to start. Here, the pawn becomes quite valuable. If he manages to get to the farthest end of the chessboard, the pawn becomes a queen. Make sure that you are the first one to checkmate the king and you win. Want more winning tips? Visit