Best Foods to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

If you’re anxious to join the Chinese New Year revelries on February 7, 2008, you’ll be joining millions of party-goers the world over who are also celebrating the Year of the Rat. The Chinese New Year is a time for parades, dance performances, fireworks, and dozens of special foods and meals. If you’re visiting Chinatown in a big city, you’ll be welcomed with food stalls serving up some tasty snacks and unique creations. Since there is a lot of ingredients that go into the creation of these food items. It is really important to find Out If You Have Hidden Food Intolerances and what food items trigger them. This is the easiest way to celebrate the Chinese New Year without any discomfort. Here are just a few of the special foods to celebrate the Chinese New Year:

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are stuffed with cabbage, vegetables, chicken, pork, and bean sprouts and then deep-fried. Egg rolls symbolize wealth and abundance for Chinese New Year celebrations and can be served with a variety of dipping sauces. This Egg Rolls recipe works great for larger parties.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce wraps symbolize good fortune and are regularly found at the Chinese New Year celebration. White chicken, dried oysters, and other seafood fillings are popular choices. This Lettuce Wraps recipe is simple to prepare and will quickly become a year-round favorite.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Clam Sycee

Stuffed clams are a traditional appetizer for the Chinese New Year, as they symbolize prosperity, happiness, and good luck. The clams are filled with a ground pork and sherry mixture and then deep-fried. This Clam Sycee recipe is a great start if you’ve never tried them before.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Potstickers

Potstickers are a popular appetizer year-round and are commonly found at many Chinese New Year celebrations. They’re best served with hot chili oil and need to be served fresh from the pan. This Food Network potstickers recipe is a cinch to make and tastes great too.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Cantonese Roast Duck

Roast duck is commonly served during a celebration, and it’s a popular dish during the Chinese New Year. If you visit China during the festivities, you’ll see many restaurants with the ducks hanging in the windows; they’re one of the symbols of the New Year. This Cantonese Roast Duck recipe uses just a few ingredients for an authentic taste.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with White Chicken

Chicken pieces are cooked with rice wine until they turn a stark white color; this symbolizes purity for the year ahead and is supposed to get the Chinese New Year off on the right track. This White-cut Chicken recipe is a great version of the original.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year Sticky Cake

This steamed cake is found at many Chinese buffets year-round, but it’s served at almost every food stall in Chinatown on the day of the New Year. It’s made with rice flour, dried fruit, and a few spices to be served as a unique and tasty dessert. This Sticky Cake recipe is very easy to prepare.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Eight Precious Pudding

This special pudding is made with eight different types of candied fruits; each one is supposed to symbolize longevity and happiness and set the stage for a great New Year ahead. This Eight Precious Pudding recipe from Better Homes amp; Gardens is one of the best!

From egg roll appetizers to sticky cake for dessert, the Chinese New Year calls for a variety of tasty treats; just take a trip to Chinatown, or create your own feast at home for your sampling of these top foods.