Best Places To Visit In Tallinn, Estonia

Are you looking for a perfect place to spend your vacation? A place that will keep you more connected to nature and make you feel relaxed. Then you are looking for Tallinn. You only have to contact viron matkat, and they will handle the rest about your visit. Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia. It is among the oldest cities in the Northern Europe region. It has great historical sites and vast tourist sites you should visit. Here below are some of the places you should visit in Tallinn.


  • Raekoja plats (Town Hall Square)

The Hall Square has been in operation for the last eight centuries. In the past, it served as the market place meeting point. Today the place is the social heart of the Tallinn city. It is a marketplace for ornaments and also a great tourist attraction site.

  • Olav’s Church and Tower

When you visit Tallinn, one of the things you should ensure you do, is to climb to the top this gothic church building. The building was once the tallest in the world; in the late 16th century and early 17th century.

  • Estonian Open Air Museum

In Tallinn, there are 18th-20th-century villages set aside for people visiting the city to see. These villages have thatched huts, old windmills, and wooden chapels. There are not entry charges for the museum.


  • Tallinn Zoo

Tallinn Zoo is another place you should ensure you visit. The zoo has the biggest collection of animals out of all zoos in northern Europe. It’s a home to over 7700 animals; 600 animals’ species and subspecies.


Sometimes it gets hard to look for the best place to visit during holidays or on vacation. Having little or no information about where you should visit, makes it even harder. By consulting Estonian tours, you will get yourself in an ideal location to spend your time in.