Bored In Your Relationship

Are you bored in your relationship? Does it feel like you are quarreling all the time? Was it a long time ago since you got physical with each other? Do you feel you have lesser and lesser in common? Feeling bored in a relationship is common, but it can be very frustrating. Here are 12 tips to combat the feeling of being bored. But before reading on, remember that losing your passion now and then is typical for any relationship. Intimacy isn’t always at a peak; there are valleys too, so don’t be overly concerned about it. The important thing is to recognize it and do something about it. So what do you do if you are bored? If there’s nothing that you haven’t tried to get your relationship back on track then it’s about time to call the High-Class companions Den Haag

Try some new activities.

Doing things together as a couple is crucial for the health of that relationship. If you keep doing the same things year in and year out, you may be bored in your relationship. Plan and execute some exciting activities that you’ve never or seldom tried before. It could be things like skydiving, rollerblading, a couple’s spa, or a new place to visit.

Keep a diary.

Write down what you do together as a couple that you enjoy as well as what you don’t enjoy. Are there things you can cut down on or stop doing that is actually boring? Perhaps you feel you don’t have enough time to be together. Ponder whether there are certain activities that steal away your time with one another. Could you make some changes to your schedules so that you have more couple’s time?

Ban screens after a certain hour.

Laptops, phones, and TV can take lots of time and attention from a couple if they allow it. We advise you to create a screen-free bedroom where you can devote yourselves to each other instead. Or you can select a certain time after which you won’t use any electronic devices so that you can have more quality time as a couple.

Do house chores together.

Take the daily task of cooking and doing the dishes. Instead of one of you doing it all or one does the cooking and one the dishes, do it together! Try some new recipes, shop the ingredients together, and enjoy your home filled with new fragrances as you cook together. Then have a romantic dinner for two. Furthermore, consider the possibility to outsource things in your home, such as cleaning, cooking, etc to release more time for you to do other fun things.

Squeeze in a date here and there.

Perpetual dating is a great way to prevent being bored in any relationship. Try new restaurants or go to different places to make things more exciting. You can have a lunch date if you work nearby one another, or just take a stroll hand in hand in your housing estate. Romance doesn’t always have to be complicated and expensive.

Express what you like about each other.

When was the last time you expressed something just to encourage your partner? Commenting on looks, personality traits, or achievements that you appreciate about your partner can go a long way. Since we seem to live in an encouragement-deprived world, be that source of encouragement that your partner needs. Everyone thrives on uplifting words, so aim to build that into your relationship.

Exercise together.

Motivate each other to a healthier lifestyle by doing exercise together. Whether you go to the gym and do weight lifting or just go for a jog around the park doesn’t really matter. The purpose is to do something together that can become a platform for communication as well as spur you to be more fit and healthy.

Renew your sexual relationship.

Put sexual intimacy on the schedule. It is not true that only spontaneous sex is good. When you both are really busy, this is one area that often gets neglected first. As such, plan for it and look forward to it. Find ways to renew your sex life. Read some books on how to spice it up and try new things in bed.

Don’t underestimate physical touch.

Hugs, kisses, holding hands, an arm around the waist, or a pet on the back – keeping emotional love alive in a relationship makes it more pleasant. Therefore, aim to touch each other every day; preferable several times a day. It will bring delight and a sense of satisfaction into your relationship.

Seek inspiration from other sources.

Books, websites, magazines, and movies can be a great source of inspiration for how you can decrease the sense of being in a boring relationship and start to enjoy it again. Moreover, you can look at how other couples live life, and receive inspiration from friends and family.

Talk about what you feel and what you desire.

Communication is and will always be a top priority in any relationship. Talk about your concerns and boredom and discuss how you can reach a higher level of satisfaction in your everyday life together. Share your needs and desires with each other and seek to meet those needs in creative ways.

Take good care of yourself.

Satisfaction in your relationship is closely linked to satisfaction with yourself. Therefore, taking good care of yourself is very important as well. Don’t rely on your partner to bring you happiness and make your life great. Instead, do things you feel are valuable to you.

Each of you could make a list of things you currently enjoy doing together – that could involve what you like sexually, romantically, or any shared hobbies or interests. Add another category of things you do not do right now but would like to try.

Swap your lists and talk about what you’d like to do next. You may try this on an ad-hoc basis or may prefer to schedule in a specific time when you’ll go out and enjoy time together or will be giving each other particular treats or attention. Perhaps you might take turns to plan something new or different to do at home or outside.