Building The Most Effective Player Vs Player Mage In Private Wow Realms

You may think that regardless of where you’re playing, there are going to be PvP specs which are the best, across all servers. This isn’t necessarily true, seeing how each realm is going to contain different players, different styles of players, and different classes of players. All the classes of the players should create Pokemon go accounts or purchase them. Several benefits will be made available to the players who have their account at the pokemon go.

You’re going to see almost always that private servers are extremely over-populated with rogues. Rogues can easily destroy mages, warlocks, and priests. It’s definitely very hard to play the magic classes of characters on these realms because rogues are so kill-happy and would love no more than to sap a mage, sneak up behind, and one shot kill with a nice ambush. It’s nearly impossible to live a one on one rogue attack with a mage.

However, there are little tricks. For one, mages aren’t meant to go straight into battle. Equip yourself so that you’re doing the absolute maximal damage, and stay out of direct combat. If you can form a group with warriors or other rogues, it would be extremely beneficial to you. Rogues and warriors can protect you from other rogues and warriors, as well as the fact that you can do immediate, extremely high damage to anyone who attacks you or them.

So how should you be building your mage? There are a few different builds, and all of them are quite effective. One of the popular ways of raising a mage is a way that basically allows you to spec in all of the different spells that are instant cast spells. These mages actually can get right into combat, since these are instant, fast spells that can be used on a whim. These are known as “pom” mages, and are definitely a good type of mage. These do take some getting used to, though, since you’re not going to be able to always use a move when you need to, you might have to really plan out your cool downs effectively. I personally don’t prefer this form of mage, however, instant cast abilities are extremely important to spec in with a nice, really balanced mage.

As far as spec trees go in general, I strongly recommend specing in frost abilities as much as possible. Frost is the best for player vs player situations for quite a few reasons. Especially when it comes to fighting against rogues which are extremely popular on these private realms. Frost spells are on a much shorter casting time frame. Because frost spells are much faster, you can get the spells out there faster before being attacked. Spells that take long periods of time to cast aren’t even going to be casted before you have a rogue on you attacking you, stunning you, etc. Frost spells also slow down the enemy, giving you much more time to cast more spells.

Also, frost spec mages have some really nice abilities that you might not have otherwise. You’ll get an additional nice instant cast, as well as the effect of freezing your opponets in place over time. This is nice because it gives you yet an additional chance to cast a spell on a melee class player before they even get the chance to get to you.

Overall, mages are a great class, do the highest damage per second, and are awesome because they’re great for quick kills and thrills. Just be careful of rogues and learn how to keep the enemy away from you!