Can carrageenan cause cancer?

As a natural ingredient, the carrageenan has been making rounds because it helps in making to food richer and the thicker in texture. Though there is some controversy surrounding the extract, still there remains no kind of restriction that can actually make it a more banned product. It is extracted from the sea weed and has many varieties.img01077-20110517-0859

Though there have been studies which indicate that there are some of the side effects of the products that can actually be troublesome for you. We shall have a look on the facts that can actually be helpful for you in shedding a light on the pros and cons of the information.

What can the carrageenan cause?

As per some of the studied, there are issues that you need to watch out for and that includes the causation of the inflammation that can get triggered because of the carrageenan intake. There may also be the gastrointestinal issues that can even lead to the tumors in the organs. If the problem becomes severe then the bleeding and ulceration may also prop up and this may trouble you to a greater extent.

You can have the dairy products as well in which this can be found on a massive scale as it is used for thickening of the product that you eat. It is because of enhancing the food quality of the product that off late there has been an increased usage of this extract. But some studies have indicated the causation of tumor which may even lead to Carrageenan cancer. In case, if you have been willing cut down the intake of the extract, then you have to be quite sure that on the labels there is no such thing like the carrageenan. It is therefore, better to have the label of the product read than to repent on the decision.