CBD Oil For Arthritis

We know that lots of people use Marijuana to ease their physical pain. This is only among the various uses of Marijuana. However, we also cannot deny that taking this drug can result to some side effects that are not very favorable. Once you get used to Marijuana, there is also the possibility that you will become addicted to it.

It wasn’t long before people came up with this wonderful idea. If lots of things can go wrong when you take Marijuana, why not just extract the element that results to medication. In this case, this is CBD oil.

CBD oil has been proven to be effective with a lot of illnesses. However, we need to ask the question: how effective is it when it comes to dealing with arthritis?

People will tell you that it is most definitely effective but let us look at some scientific facts about Cbd oil for pain.

Back in 2011, some scientists went off to conduct a study on rats where they found out that CBD that pain receptors really does respond to stimuli. In this case, the efficacy of CBD was proven.

In 2016, there was another study that proved that CBD can be an excellent treatment to pain caused by arthritis if you give it topical application. However, there were people who were questioning the safety of the substance.

With that, the scientists had to set forth with another study. In 2017, they figured out that the toxicity rate of CBD is actually 0%. With that, it is most definitely safe to be used as a temporary cure for arthritis.

While this substance can lessen the pain a person feels, there has been no evidence yet that CBD oil can get rid of arthritis altogether. Lots of research is still needed to prove this. Meanwhile, whatever kind of chronic pain you are currently feeling, it would always be a good idea to check out Stonerszone where you can learn a lot about CBD and its health uses.