Character Roles In Overwatch

           Overwatch is one of the hottest first-person shooter, multiplayer online games that one could get to play nowadays. It is so popular that overwatch download is one of the most popular acts being done online, both through legal and illegal means. The game basically entails playing in a team of 6 against another team of a similar composition, with the players having the ability to choose among themselves the roster of 24 characters, as to who they are going to take on. There are 4 major roles, and these roles are important as the right combination would allow you to play the best way. The following is a run-through on these roles.images


            These characters are characterized by their relatively higher mobility, and are known for being able to go through heavy damage. To somehow compensate for this, these characters, despite being able to handle large damage amounts, have hit points lower than other character roles.


            Out of all the characters, these have the highest number of hit points, and are thus better at drawing the enemy fire to themselves from their teammates, as well as being able to throw off the enemy team. These have different mechanisms and strategies to protect themselves through shields.J81Dn


            These characters are good when it comes to protecting key points, as well as in making of chose points. Some of these also has field support abilities, which include being able to create traps, as well as sentry tunnels.


            As the title suggests, these are characters who have abilities to serve as the group’s utility. These players are able to strengthen the team which they belong to, while weakening the enemy team. These do not have to put up with lots of damage, and they do not have a lot of hit points as well.