Checklists For Buying A Chair

It is that time of the year when you need to buy new chairs and you are wondering what to check out for before you commit your dollar to buying kursi tamu of your choice; worry no more as we are here to give you a list of some of the things to look for. Most of them seem obvious, but it is best you put them on paper and pen before you walk out to go and make a purchase.1 (14)

Things To Consider

The Wheel Base: Most guest chairs, especially in the office has a wheelbase; if the office is carpeted, then the wheels should be those which can roll on the carpet. If they roll, it will prevent strain on you due to reaching across the desk to retrieve an item which is unreachable.


The fabric which is on the chair should be breathable in order to regulate the temperature of the chair; neither too hot or too cold. The cushion in the fabrics should be enough in order to make it comfortable during those many hours of use.1 (15)


Most guest chairs have an arm and height adjustment; the best guest chair has a minimum of  5 adjustments with others having up to 14 adjustments. Important features which should be adjustable on a guest chair include, but are not limited to: arm with and height; lumbar support; seat back height and width; seat and back angle; and tension control. A quality guest chair will need just a dial to make the adjustment with ease while others will require you to use a hand-held bulb pump which is similar to the cuff pump for blood pressure.

As long as the above features are quality, the guest chair will be worth every penny you place on it.