How to Choose Sharp Knives for Your Kitchen

It’s a no-brainer that sharp knives are a kitchen staple. But with so many different types of knives available, and at such a wide range of prices, how does the average consumer know what to buy? A few good sharp knives will make life in your kitchen a little easier, and there are three essential knives that every kitchen needs: a paring knife, a serrated knife, and a chef’s knife. Here are some tips and suggestions for outfitting your kitchen with the right knives. For choosing the best knife set, the person should have proper knowledge about the prices prevailing in the market.  The prices should be reasonable for the set.

Paring Knife. You should have a good paring knife in your kitchen because this petite knife is excellent for slicing smaller items, dicing, mincing, and peeling. A stainless steel paring knife with a smooth, 4-inch blade should be selected. While you should purchase a decent paring knife, it is not as imperative to buy a top of the line paring knife as it is when buying other knives. Paring knives are intended to be used for smaller, less rigorous jobs in the kitchen and as a result don’t take as much abuse as other knives. Expect to pay around $20-$25 for a good paring knife.

Serrated Knife. The serrated knife is used for a variety of kitchen tasks, most notably slicing bread. Serrated knives are used for delicate slicing jobs such as slicing a tomato or other softer fruit or vegetable. Meats are carved using a serrated knife as well. When purchasing a good serrated knife look for a 6-7 inch blade (while serrated knives come as long as 10 inches it is doubtful you would ever need one of that length). Since serrated knives cannot be sharpened you cannot expect to keep one forever. A good serrated knife should cost around $40.

Chef’s Knife. The chef’s knife is where you really want to spend your money and purchase a knife that will last a long time. The chef’s knife is used for large chopping jobs and slicing tough or hard foods that require some sharpness and strength. This large bladed knife should be purchased in an 8- or 10-inch size. Look for a chef’s knife made of high-carbon stainless steel which will hold sharpness and also resist rust. You should find a chef’s knife with a blade that has been individually forged, not stamped out of a large piece of metal, cookie-cutter style. A good quality chef’s knife will cost you around $90.

There are also some general rules of thumb to remember when shopping for any kitchen knife. Always hold the knife in your hand and see how it feels. Check to see if the knife feels balanced, is heavy enough, and if it feels comfortable in your hand. When holding the knife at the end of the handle near the blade between your thumb and forefinger it should not tip from front to back or vice versa if it is weighted well.

Three good knives are kitchen staples worth investing in. Follow these tips to help outfit your kitchen with these sharp knife essentials.