Compare The Type Of Silk Before Buying The Bedsheets

Before you go out to buy silk bedding, you should gather information about silk and its type so that you can get the best item for the price you are paying. Although silk is naturally derived from silkworms, but the quality of silk differs on the cultivation of silkworms that highly depend on the food or leaves given to silkworms to eat.

Mulberry Silk And Why Should You Ask For This Type Immediately

Mulberry silk is the highest quality that you can find in silk fabric and is generally used for luxury bedding or premium wear for both men and women. This silk could make the best bedding for your skin as it is highly soft, cold, and is naturally hypoallergenic. A mulberry silk-producing silkworm is only fed mulberry leaves and cultivated under a strictly maintained environment.

Charmeuse Silk Is Another Type – Commonly Recognized In The Silk Market

This silk is used for every silk item and is generally made with a mixture of many types of silk. It is pretty lightweight and has a natural elasticity that helps it to last longer. Charmeuse silk is standard among buyers and sellers for its variety and availability. You will find several color options in this type of silk which are eye-catching and highly smooth in texture.

Other Lower Grade Silks You Should Know About

  • Tussah silk is derived from wild silkworms that are not on a strict diet and eat various leaves that make this silk less soft and durable.
  • Habotai silk is another cheap form of silk, and it is known to get damaged very quickly compared to other silk types.
  • You can also find duppoini silk, which is pretty strong and lustrous but not as good as charmeuse or mulberry silk as it is derived from irregular cocoons.

Now you can easily differentiate and choose the right silk bedding for you using the information.