Cyber Crime- Keep Your Data Safe

There is nothing more important and delicate to anybody than their personal information and it is nothing short of a nightmare when it gets leaked to the public by unscrupulous elements.

When you get the news that your personal documents or papers that contain your bank details, account numbers, etc. are missing or stolen, you tend to lose all senses and take necessary measures to prevent it from happening.

Similarly, protecting important data in your computer is also a difficult task as they are of extreme importance to you because it may contain sensitive information related to work.

People’s Delusion

Most individuals are under the misconception that their data is completely safe from external influence or fail to see the writing on the wall as they don’t believe that they have anything that is significant enough to get hacked or leaked.

This is the mistake, or rather blunder, that costs them dearly and they end up biting off more than they can chew. Hackers are virtually kings of the virtual world and are always on the lookout for innocent victims from whom they can siphon off their hard earned money.

Even more sinister is that they can also use your website as spam for conducting illegal activities and pin the blame entirely on you and go scot free.

So therefore we are going to talk about some important tips to keep your website secure.

They are as follows:

  1. The software has to be upgraded time and again so that the new features will come in use
  2. Be cautious of SFL injections, which means that the hacker has access to your database from a different URL,
  3. Cross scripting can add up fake javascript in your site and change its contents
  4. Keep changing your password at regular intervals
  5. Validate both browser and server
  6. Regularize the liutilities windows security
  7. Never download too many files in one go
  8. Only use HTTP format
  9. Never leak sensitive details in error messages