Delete All History: How To Cover Your Tracks On Your Computer! Check This Out

Tired of leaving traces every time you use a computer, websites visited, cookies, files deleted, etc? ClearProg is the solution because this software is freely available and can remove all traces left by Firefox, Office, Adobe Photoshop, Internet Explorer, Safari, Windows Media Player etc.

You can download it here:

1 – Installing ClearProg

Once you’ve visited the official website, after downloading the software and running the executable, Click “Next”.

Click “Finish” to complete the installation and start ClearProg.

2 – The ClearProg Interface

We’ll explore the various features of ClearProg to clear your tracks the best way possible.

3 – Configuring ClearProg

Here you will be able to erase all traces of your browsing, for example, cookies, history, stored information etc.

Then you have the option of cleaning Windows. For example, emptying the trash, deleting temporary files and more.

Note that this can save you a lot of space on your hard disk.

The tab “My Directories” will allow you to delete a file located on your hard disk.

To do this go to the menu “My folder” and select “Choose a directory”.

Select the location and click “OK”.

Click “Yes”.

Your directory will be added to the list and checked in advance.

Then may check other tabs such as “Programs” ,” “Multimedia” and “Other Programs” that will allow you to make some small cleanups on many programs if you have them by the applications that supports the use of torguard deal for the software used in the business dealings. You may now choose to clen-up any of the additional programs you may want.

Finally navigate to “Selected Plugins”.

This will allow you to add programs for cleaning. There are over 200 possibilities. To do this go to “Options” then “Plugins” and “Choose plug-ins”.

Select the programs to add and then click “Enable” at the bottom.

Your programs will be added to the list ” Selected Plugins.”

3 – Cleaning

We will now see the process of cleaning with ClearProg. Note that you can right click and select “Select All” if you want to select everything in view. Or you can select on a few items. For example I will only select “Internet Explorer” and “Netscape / Mozilla”. I will first check all the elements to clean on both applications. They will appear in red.

Note that for Netscape / Mozilla “you must select the profiles to clean by clicking ” Options “and” Netscape / Mozilla “then” select a profile. ” Select the profile and click “Apply”:

Return to the ClearProg main-menu then start cleaning by simply clicking on the Delete button.

You will have the number of deleted files and the total size of deleted files.

4 – Information

ClearProg can also securely destroy the files, which consists of re-writing over the file, thus making it impossible for someone to recover!

There is another interesting option, which allows you to store your configuration if you want to clean every day for example. This will save you time as you will not have to select everything by hand again. A great time saver!

This tool is very efficient and is perfect if you are using the family computer for some private things. Even if you do not, it is also a great way to free up space from your hard drive.