Eco Slim Drops, What This New Supplement Is Made Up Of?

Eco Slim Drops is one of the recent breakthrough slimming supplement in the dieting industry. It just hit the marker and is already making high grounds on the sale charts. The new supplement kid in the block is said to improve your mood levels and promote your metabolism alongside helping in your weight loss goals.

The supplement is made up of the right mixture of nitroglycerine and a few essential plant extracts.  We here would look deep into the ingredients list of the Eco Slim and see what it really is made up of. That way we’ll get to know about it better.

The Ingredient list

a) L-carnitine

  • L-carnitine is known to improve the procedure of fat metabolism and help in theshedding off those extra kilos of fat on your body.


b) Guarana Extract

  • Guarana extract is the one which is contained in the guarana plant. The extract shares similar attributes to the caffeine and helps in reducing the appetite levels. It also helps in fat burning and ultimately leading to weight loss.

c) Kelp Extracts

  • Kelp is known to be a rich and ardent source of iodine and helps in regulating the thyroid gland of the body. Imbalance in thethyroid gland is what makes the hormone get awry and cause obesity in most cases.

d) Chitosan

  • Chitosan is something that binds the fats in the body together. It helps in binding the fats levels which in turn gets excreted from the body.

e) Caffeine, Succinic acid

  • This helpimproves the cell renewal process ultimately providing aid in removing toxins and excess fluids from the body. It also helps in reducing the body fat levels.

f) Indian Nettle Extract

  • The extract of Indian Nettle helps in increasing the fat levels required by the body to produce the energy levels in the body. That way the excess of the body fat levels gets used up and the fat levels reduce.

g) Other ingredients

  • Other ingredients of the Eco Slim include Taurine, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B8 and Vitamin B12.

Well, that’s all from us on this one. We’ll be back with another one the next time. Adios.