Frequently Asked Irvine Carpet Cleaning Questions Answered by Active Chem-Dry

Hiring professional Irvine carpet cleaning is a huge step for many people due to numerous reasons, but they usually go somewhere along the lines of ‘why should I have someone else clean my carpet when I can do it myself?’ and ‘I don’t want to pay for carpet cleaning.’ Well, you’d be surprised at how practical and better it would be to hire professional Irvine cleaning; they can do an efficient and faster job at it, there’s almost a hundred percent chance that you’ll like the service and there are guarantees. It’s normal to have questions, so let Active Chem-Dry answer the most frequent ones.

Is it Safe for Babies?

Of course! Companies like Active Chem-Dry provides carpet cleaning services that are completely safe for children, toddlers and of course babies. It’s safe because every method they employ doesn’t call for phosphate-based detergents or cleaning products as well as the other harmful chemicals that steam cleaning and rental machines entails.

Is it Safe for Pets?

No about it, since Active Chem-Dry earned the green certificate for carpet cleaning in Irvine. The cleaning solution is that they use is called ‘The Natural’ and true to its name it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals so your pets are certainly safe. When it comes to addressing smells and stains from pets like pet urine, an innovative removal called P.U.R.T comes into the picture; P.U.R.T has been recommended by a handful of famous veterinarians including Dr. Kwane.

How Much Will it Cost?

Overall, prices for carpet cleaning heavily depends on the kind of services availed alongside the total are in square feet that requires cleaning. For other specifics, inquiries and clarifications, feel free to contact Active Chem-Dry; not only do they offer suggestions but free evaluations and estimates.