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In all honesty, if you’re given the option to download the full version of a game and to pay actual money in order to get it we’re sure that you’d go for the former. You don’t need us to tell you that this road is not easy to take because dozens of websites will appear, promising the full versions of a famous game but only delivering advertisements and harmful files on your device. Download GTA 5 full version; this and the numerous other PC games within reach.

Grand Theft Auto V

Designed and distributed by the famous Rockstar North studio, Grand Theft Auto V is another excellent installment from the famous game; a game that’s not of quality would not produce this many installments. In the fifth installment of the game, the player is taken to California; it’s referred to as San Andreas in the game. Similar to the earlier installments, the developers have also created a parody version of the world we live in, producing a ridiculed version. Grand Theft Auto V involves all sorts of ideologies, behaviors that have become a trademark to the game. Basically, the rules, themes and ideas of the game is the same but this installment has more complex world.


Set in a third person perspective, Control is a typical shooter PC game. The environment is setup with science fiction themes made for gamers on their PCs. Creators included a lot of surprising and exciting elements that puts it ahead of the competition. Control is definitely the PC game for people who enjoy science fiction and confronting various creators coming from outer space. If there are reservations on your part because you may not have heard of the game before, the studio that created Control is also behind Quantum Break, Remedy and Alan Wake.