Where To Get Tickets From Singapore To Batam

If you are visiting Singapore and you are now bored with the hustle and bustle of the country, why not take a ferry ride to Batam? It is here that you will be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches, historical sites, and other activities which you will enjoy on your getaway. Get your ferry ticket to Batam and prepare yourself for the enjoyment of your life. You will be able to enjoy tourist attractions such as Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya, which is a Buddhist temple that is so famous. It is a temple which is full of gorgeous examples of Buddhist art, orphanage and food stalls. singapore__batam_ferry_tickets__majestic_fast_ferry_2way_ferry_tickets_all_taxes_fully_paid_batam_tr_1433492400_9216b374

Other Tourists Attractions in Batam

Other places which make Batam a must visit the place is the presence of the coastal backwaters of the island that has several fishing villages lined across its shows. For those who are interested in getting a glimpse of Indonesian architecture and brilliance of local life, Barelang Bridge is a must visit. For food lovers, there are several restaurants which are dotted around the island which is affordable. You will be able to get fresh seafood which is straight from the waters to the restaurants. For game lovers, you will not miss out because you will have an opportunity to play golf, diving, and snorkeling excursions as well as motorbike rides on the coast to the north.fa568a87-8043-4d49-a5ee-49a4d0275a91

When you travel to Batam by ferry, it will take you only 45 minutes. During the ride, you will be able to enjoy incredible sounds and sights on your journey, making it one of the memorable journey of your life. There are two ferry operators to connect you from Singapore to Batam; Batam Fast Ferry and Majestic Fast Ferry.

Get your ferry ticket to Batam to be sure that you won’t be disappointed on the travel day.