Girl Party Favors: Celebrating Your Daughter’s Birthday on a Budget!

With our current economy, everyone is trying to figure out a way to save a penny during celebrations. Your daughter’s birthday party is just around the corner and you need to provide birthday party favors for the children attending while staying on a budget. There are a lot of people in the same situation so we shouldn’t feel guilty about making inexpensive party favors for your daughter’s birthday party. Here are some cheap girl party favors that you can try.

Your local dollar or 99 Cent Only store is the best place to look for cheap birthday party favors or goodie bags. If you have ever got the chance to see or know the Best Casino Theme Party Company in the business, you would know how they get things done. To find a store near you, you can visit the 99 Cent Only store at You will be amazed of how many inexpensive children’s toys you will find at this store. One extremely inexpensive gift is a bag of candy. The 99 cent Only store has so many bags of candy for only 99 cents. They also have snack bags that have girl characters such as Tinker Bell, Hannah Montana, and Dora, which come in a box that has 25 sandwich bags inside. This comes to 4 cents per bag. If you purchase 5 bags of candy at 99 cents each, this comes to 25 cents each. You will be paying 29 cents per goodie bag. You could also use ordinary sandwich bags and put the candy in and tie a pretty colored ribbon around it. You can also find coloring books and crayons at the 99 Cent Only store. They have crayons that are Tinker Bell and Princess.

Carnival Supply Stores offer great discounted small toys for children at discounted prices. Small Toys is a great place to shop for children’s goodie bags or children’s party favors. The have been around since 1951 and you can find many great trinkets including 24 small rhinestone rings for only $1.39, 24 jelly bracelets for only $0.99 cents, 12 princess pencils for $1.89 and so much more. You can find their website at

Girls love plush animals of all kinds. Ebay has so many lots of stuffed animals you can bid on. Here is a great link to find many “lots” of plush animals that girls will love! You can also tie a candy bar with a pretty colored ribbon around the animal as a thank you for coming to the birthday celebration. minAsk;=min+price maxAsk;=max+price zipCode;=zip+code.

A burned CD would make a great girl birthday party favor. Music and girls go together like peanut butter and jelly. Burn your daughter’s favorite music on a CD for each party guest and this would make a great cheap party favor for the birthday’s child’s guests. Surprise your daughter and play it during the birthday party celebration. You can find all the music you need at

Purchasing a $2.50 gift certificate at Golden Spoon or Dairy Queen is also a great idea to give as a girl party favor for the children. They will love to go get a treat after the party or on a different day.

Celebrating your daughters birthday is always special. Although times may be tough and we can’t afford expensive girl party favors, there are a lot of other people in the same situation. Remember…it’s the thought that counts!