Gynecomastia- A Condition That Changes Way Of Living

There are different kind of ailments circulating all over the world that mankind has
fallen victim to. This has been going on since time immemorial and has reached an
alarming position in the current times with even small children falling victims to fatal
diseases like cancer, liver failure, blood and nerve disorder, etc. to name a few.

Can anyone imagine a worst possible scenario than this? What’s more, this is only the
beginning and things are going to reach a point where every second person you come
across will be grappling with something or the other, or rather, we all are living in
those times already.

Male Breast Issue?

You must have heard about females suffering from breast cancer or your favorite
actress recently underwent a breast transplant and other issues. But how many of you
are aware of a rare disease where the males too get enlarged breasts?

Hardly anyone knows about it and this malady is termed as gynecomastia, which has
been defined as an ailment where the males’ breast tissue grows to an abnormally
large size, sometimes even more than that of females.

It is caused due to hormonal imbalance between estrogen and testosterones as the
former looks after female traits and the latter does the same for males, which
includes body hair and muscle mass.


It usually occurs in males after birth and during puberty and is difficult to detect it in
the early stages. Many newborn males have enlarged breasts at the time of birth but
are free from it in a few weeks.

Its causes are attributed to obesity caused by excessive consumption of junk food,
lack of nutritious substance intake, swelling in the testicles, etc.

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