This Is Why Happy Wheels Is So Popular

The demand for Happy Wheels has always been high ever since the game launched in 2013. Happy Wheels is one of the few games that have a very unique concept which has made it one of the most loved games amongst gamers. While there are a number of racing games that you can download for free, Happy Wheels is a racing game that is physics based. This means apart from racing you can actually see the impact of the accident which occurs when the race doesn’t end that well. Although there are a number of different kinds of games that people enjoy playing, the concept of Happy Wheels makes it one of those games that people enjoy.happy wheelsAlthough the game involves a race, players actually enjoy the impact of the accident and the high graphic and violent content that they get to see post the accident. There were a few people who objected this kind of graphic content; however the game went down well with most people. Happy Wheels is a free game to download that is available on all leading platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. It is one of those games that has a high number of downloads.

Happy Wheels has gained popularity because of the way it has depicted actual situations in a game. Happy Wheels is the master mind of creative genius Jim Bonacci and his friend Alec Cove. Jim started developing the game in 2006. Happy Wheels initially was built as a game with a man on a wheel chair rolling down a hill. The game shows how the wheel chair rolling down the hill affects the body of the man. The game shows how graphic a wheel chair accident can be and brings to light various safety aspects as well. Jim then developed the game further and brought in various real life scenarios where accidents could happen. With each scenario realistic graphics were put showing the effect the accident had on the human body.happy wheelsHappy Wheels was built with the intention to show people how accidents can affect them and how graphic some accidents can actually be. While the game is intended to be fun it is also meant to teach a valuable lesson to people and keep them safe from harm. Happy Wheels has won a lot of fan following because of its realistic nature.