Hire Me

If you’re looking to hire someone who can increase traffic to your site with engaging content, perhaps a blogger who can work WordPress and SEO miracles, I believe we should talk business.

My name is John M. Becker, and I am a writer by choice. I help people around the world in different ways. Those who read my works, whether showing my name or not, benefit from a witty discourse on various topics. For those who own the sites, they get tons of unique and repeat visits alike, thus increasing newsletter signups and sales.

I have already contributed to a thousand blogs and continues to write for more. However, more than the quantity, I take pride in providing excellent content quality on each and every blog I can attach my name to – from client’s money sites to authoritative private blog networks.

I may have a hectic schedule, but I can squeeze you into my priority list. If you want some help in improving your ranking, let me know. I can draft a few hundred words that are sure to redefine your website and your business.
While I devote most of my time writing, I also offer blogging consultancy and professional proofreading services. My rigorous experience has honed my flexibility. If you want your touch on my writing to make it sound yours, we can collaborate on extensive revisions. I won’t consider it a done job unless you’re satisfied.

If you haven’t read my ‘About’ page, please do. It was a real story I am always proud of – my serendipitous beginning as a writer. While my English was limited back then, but my imagination wasn’t. My passion for writing never ceases, only improves.