Housekeeping for Men (Or Anyone that Doesn’t Keep Their Home Clean)

Keeping a home or apartment clean isn’t the manliest of all jobs, but it is necessary. When completed, your area will not only be aesthetically and visually appealing, but it will make the people you live with happy! Your nagging parents, spouse, or roommate will be enthralled at the fact that you got away from your usual activities and tasks in order to take some pride in your living space.

So you might ask, where to start? Get an organized plan about how you’re going to do stuff, clean a room a day. The first big step might be to reduce your clutter.

Clutter is anything that doesn’t belong out in the open. Magazines should be organized, stacked, sorted, and put in a drawer or even thrown out if they are older than 6 months. Cups, dishes, silverware can be put back in the kitchen. Old food – eew – should be thrown away. Trinkets, gadgets and assorted goodies can be put in a shoe box. Make sure you write somewhere on the box with a permanent marker what is in it. I personally use this method, if I am looking for an old item, I just read off the top of the shoe boxes for what I need. Whether a служебен домоуправител is male or female, there should be proper information available about cleaning of the house. The use of permanent marker can be done to write and identify the spices in the kitchen. It will offer ease and comfort to the person to cook food.

Documents, letters, and other papers with words should be carefully sorted. Make sure you file away anything financially important, just a standard Duo-Tang folder will do for those, again make sure you mark on the front of the folder what the folder contains! Old letters than don’t need to be replied to, along with ancient papers, memos, and notes should be thrown away. Make a separate stack for paper you will go through again at a later date to append, reply, or do whatever is necessary with.

Blankets and clothes should be folded or hung and put away in a closet or drawers. Shoes can go neatly somewhere near your door or coats. Toys and electronics can have their own separate boxes or areas to go. The biggest part of reducing your clutter is just letting go of unneeded things. Take time to prioritize your belongings. If you have a childhood keepsake that is just taking up space and collecting dust, and you rarely look at it, maybe you should consider just trashing it or giving it away. Think along those lines for similar underused items.

Now that of that junk is out of the way you can dust! Get either a dust rag or paper towels and some standard all surface dusting solution. Get a few squirts, not too much, just enough to keep your wiping cloth moist to collect the dust. It’s a pretty elementary motion, but just wipe in the same direction and get all of that dust off the top of furniture, counter tops, TV screens, window ceils, and wherever else it lands. An interesting thing to think about is, a good portion of all that dust is actually you and your co-inhabitants’ skin cells.

Okay hopefully this is a good sequence but any dust from the TV that you didn’t collect is probably on the floor, along with all that other dirt. Assuming you’ve cleared away the floor, get a vacuum cleaner. It may be an extremely foreign piece of machinery, but its’ pretty simple. Just turn it on and make sure it’s on a “carpet” or appropriate setting. Push it around until you’ve covered all the floor space. Pick up stationary objects and sweep under them. If you’re really going out of the way, move the furniture and sweep under it. For a lot of bonus points, change the tip of the vacuum to something very narrow and suck up the dust from your baseboards and on top of ceiling fans. Feel better yet?

There is more, the bathroom. This room can be a challenge both physically, and mentally to get through. First, reduce the amount of “stuff” that’s out in the way. Find some counter top cleaner and wipe away the counters. The bathtub may have a lot of soap scum. It’s not really hard to get off, just time consuming. Find a textured rag and some bathtub cleaner (all of these cleaners are probably in a cabinet somewhere). Turn the bath on and splash some water around, and just for fun make sure you narrate everything you do to your rubber duck. Apply some bathtub cleaner to the rag or whatever you’re using and start scrubbing at the tub, you’ll probably notice it getting clean by where the soap scum remains. Scrub all along the sides and on the floor of your bathtub. When you’re done scrubbing rinse the tub with another rag to make sure everything is gone.

Look at the toilet, flush it, and lift the lid and seat. Wait for it to empty and find some toilet cleaner and a toilet brush, read the recommendations or just squirt some in, not too much. Stick the brush in the water and swish it around to make all the cleaner concentrated in the water, then start scrubbing, scrub all along the edges, and down in the hole, also make sure you get under the rim that the seat comes down onto. When you’re done flush and clean out the brush. If you did this right your toilet bowl will appear it’s original color.

Clean the sink in a similar fashion to the tub, just with less effort. Wipe everything down, including the toilet seat and the top of the water reservoir. Lastly, for some bonus points put a little bit of ammonia or bleach in a bucket of water and mop the bathroom floor. Organize your tooth brushes, beauty products, and other amenities in the medicine cabinet or on the counter.

A kitchen area can be a real big task as well. First I’d suggest getting rid of clutter, then clean and put away dishes and throwing away old food. Organize your cooking utensils and put them away if you can. Get some all surface cleaner and clean inside the microwave, also take anything off the stove and clean it too. Wipe your counter top and table off, and put a table cloth along with a nice vase with roses on the table. Your co-inhabitants will certainly enjoy the way you’ve spiced up the eating area. Get most of the stuff off the floor and out of the kitchen and mop it just like you did with the bathroom, just a bit of ammonia or beach in water will do the job. When you’re done organize and make sure everything is put away nice.

After all of this is done, gnomes are not going to find a magical haven in your home and choose to keep it clean. You’ve got to maintain your area now. Every few days, minimize clutter and make an effort to stay organized. Do the same thing to your bathroom and kitchen about every month. Every 2 weeks make sure you dust, you might start to realize you aren’t sneezing as much. And about every week, vacuum the carpets.

Doing this will surely keep the people you live with happy, and give them a new respect and appreciation for you. Take pride in what you are doing and it will seem much more worth it. Lastly don’t consider this an exact guide or just for specifically men, I think anyone can take some of this advice and apply it to their housekeeping. Take it from me, a college kid, the people you live with really do respect someone that keeps their space clean. Keep your roommates, parents, spouses, and visitors in awe of your superior cleaning skills.