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 Premium pellet 6mm
If you are environmentally conscious, you are definitely supposed to go for this one as it is
environmentally friendly. Moreover, as these are user-friendly, you cannot face any
difficulty while burning these up to heat your room. You can easily burn these pellets in
specially designed automated burners as per your need and convenience. This product is
available in a 1000kg bag which you can buy. You are supposed to get a free delivery option
upon placing an order for this product.

 Briquette BigBag (round)
As the name suggests, the bag of this product is likely to contain around wood briquette.
This is why it is considered very efficient and effective to burn them as and when necessary.
Having a high calorific value, you get a lot of benefits and advantages out of it. No other
wood pellets are to be more beneficial and advantageous than this one. If you compare the
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