Know About That How Old Thanos In Marvel Comics At The Eternal!

The role of thanos is super interesting to watch because being a super villain, several time this American character also shown mercy in avengers and marvel comics. The character of thanos has been seen by doing all the negative and brutal activities but still this character has shown mercy. Somehow that it is the reason that the audience is been approached and obsessed with the character of super villain “thanos”. To know more about this, you can also go for the Top 15 Best Thanos Quotes

In both the comic as well as in the movies, the character of thanos is considered as an ultimate villan such that to know about how old thanos were go through the information which is listed in the lower section as:

  • Thanos was 1,000 years old in avengers end games as well as in the comic series of marvel. Nonetheless, creating and forming this character was a way difficult task because it should be perfect enough to obsessed and attracts the audience. Also, it is difficult to determine the character of thanos because he was brutal but shown mercy too in a same time. 
  • The character of thanos were fascinated towards death as well as killing other people. Such that he killed his own mother when he was ten years old. The character of thanos is considered with all the super villain and unwilling activities that later he committees other murders and kill a lot of people. He killed almost all the entire universe and amassing brutal activities. 

The above listed are the information regrading thanos and his age in marvel comics at the eternal so that an individual will get to know about its age and all other super villain activities.