Learn About The Features Which The Best Free Plagiarism Checker Should Have

It is a form of art to write down a document or a text script. Every person in the course of their academics has worked upon some kind of projects which have been submitted to the college in order to get a degree. These reports are on topics which are present in the real world. Hence, in order to write about them, the person might have consulted several journals, books and today the internet. Technology has made everything easier. Educational institutions today incorporate many plagiarism checkers in order to keep a track on the copied texts on a thesis. Plagiarism is an act through which a person copies the text or idea of another person and calls them as their own. A person can find several different software which can be used to check the plagiarism. This article will describe you with features that the best free plagiarism checker would have.

Features Which The Best Free Plagiarism Checker Should Have

  • Similarity score

One of the essential features which the plagiarism checker should have is the similarity score. The software should let the user know about the number of similarities which are present in the document.

  • The score of plagiarism

The number of similarities detects the amount of plagiarism present on your document. The software also mentions the name of the website, journal or book through which you have copied the phrases or sentences.

  • Paraphrase

A good plagiarism checker should also detect the paraphrasing done by. If a person has made the active voice to passive then this would also get detected in the software.

  • Bad citation

This lets you know about the amount of improper citation which is present in the document. Citations are allowed in your document but at a certain level. 

Hence, today before submitting a thesis or any document one should write it in their own words. This will make the document unique in their content. The above article describes the attributes which a good plagiarism checker should have.