Make The Most Of These Machines

Posters are printed using UV cured ink which can be printed on plastic as well as paper. One can also coat the printed poster with a thin sheet of plastic after the printing process is complete. PVC or polypropylene is another common material used if you wish to place these posters outdoors. The best way to print posters is to use a heat press machine. You can read more about heat press machines at

Digital poster printing is similar to litho poster printing. This printing however uses a heat press printer to print posters. This has the ability to deliver higher quality posters. Inkjet printers are a little slower as compared to the printers used in Heat Press Machines and hence this method of printing could take a longer time. If you have small texts included in your posters then digital poster printing is the perfect option for you as it has the ability to capture images and text as they are and convert it into posters of a larger size. Digital poster printing also uses UV cured inks to print posters and can be used on a variety of paper and plastic.

Silk screen poster printing is one of the most traditional methods of poster printing and like the name suggests, it adds a silk like look to the poster. This method of printing is also known as silk screen printing. Silk poster painting has lower resolutions as compared to litho poster printing. It is a preferred option if the poster does not involve too many colours. It is a lower quality printing option and can be done at a lower cost as compared to other poster printing options.  The ink involved in silk poster printing is of a lower quality. Poster printing has the ability to deliver large number of posters at reasonable costs. All poster printing methods are popular and are customized to fit various requirements.