Neopets Dailies And Where To Find Them

With all the Neopets Dailies available out there in the Neopets game, it can be confusing to keep track of them. We’re sure that you already have a list in your head regarding Neopets Dailies like where to go and what Dailies to visit next. But we’re here to suggest a few more Neopets Dailies that you can visit in case you haven’t before.

Neopets Dailies


Out of all the Neopet Dailies out there, the ones listed below are quite low on the list of dailies, but users still do visit them.

  • Hall of Heroes (free items) – there are twelve heroes in of the city and a monument was built to honor them at the center of Altador, the Hall of Heroes. The inside of the building is quite marvelous due to the statues, design and light effects.
  • Mysterious Symol Hole (chance-based prize) – found in Meridell, the Mysterious Symol Hole is basically an underground burrow created by the Symols. Due to the size of the hole, only Petpets can enter. Users earn prizes when their Petpets explore the Mysterious Symol Hole. However, each and every player has only one chance to earn their prize in a day, in case something goes wrong you can always come back the next day.


  • Forgotten Shore (chance-based prize) – found in the isolated beach or Krawk Island, the Forgotten Shore can be found directly across Smuggler’s Cove. Surrounded by dangerous reefs, ships have tried and sunk on these reefs, spilling all their cargo in the area. The important cargos get washed up on the shore, every user who has earned access to the Forgotten Shore can try to obtain pieces of the washed up cargo once a day. When they find the cargo pieces, they also earn their corresponding prize.