The New Sexually Transmitted Disease: Blueberry Waffle

The list of sexually transmitted disease has added another disease to its frightening roll. This new addition to the wide array of STDs has fanciful and yet a creepy name: Blueberry Waffle disease.  This disease is now taking a toll on both men and women. This disease is basically related with the genital areas of human beings, as waffle is slang for the word vagina and has nothing to do with the blueberries. The disease is as repulsive as its attractive name. This disease is often referred to as penile cancer.


The condition of this disease involves the development or growth of different types of fungi and bacteria on vaginal lips which spreads to the surrounding areas. This eventually forms a purple or blue colour in the entire area.  If the presence of bacteria is coupled with a fragile immunological system, then the effects of this disease can be very harmful. This condition is mainly caused as a result of not maintaining proper hygiene for a longer span of time. People who use dirty masturbating products, wear tight underwear at all the times or have unprotected sex are very vulnerable to develop this dreadful disease.  All these factors are responsible for increasing your chances of catching this bug; generally the blueberry waffle disease takes much time to develop.


The condition usually begins with the excretion from the vagina. The vagina becomes unusually too moist, often accompanied by an unpleasant smell right from the beginning. This excretion is the first sign that you are developing blueberry waffle. This fetid odour of excretion would be easily noticed even from a distance. The smell will also be followed by itching.  You will also see swelling in the private parts. The intercourse might also become a painful experience for you.


When you see the outer vaginal lips turning purple from blue, it means the blueberry waffle disease has taken its full effect and you really need to see the doctor as soon as possible. Also at your own end, should increase the level of hygiene of your genital areas. But you should be careful enough not to use aggressive products especially if you have developed an advanced blue waffle case. You should go for some soft and non-aggressive hygienic solutions which can are easily available in different pharmacies or drug stores. Such mild solutions will give as these you with enough hygienic help while not irritating your skin further.