Optical Mirror Coatings – The Popular Types

Mirror finish is trending these days. However, what exactly is mirror finish? Mirror and optical mirror has one basic difference and that lies in the coating. The mirror is coated from the back and the optical mirror is coated from the front. Optical mirror coatings and filters are now widely used in shades to create a fabulous look in addition to protecting eyes from harmful UV rays. Here in this blog, we will share some key information on optical mirror coating. 

Metallic Coating 

Metallic coated mirrors are good performers in terms of general purpose. It can be used for a wide spectral range. The insensitiveness to polarization and angle of incidence is quite impressive along with the constant phase shift. These features make it most suitable for the ultrashot-pulse applications. Only thing is that the cleaning must be done with special care. 

Dielectric Coatings 

It is developed for offering a higher reflectivity over the spectral range of metallic coating. This is more durable than the previous one and the cleaning is easier in it as well. This is resistant to damage. Generally, this particular coating is used for the laboratory and in the mirrors as well. 

Ultrafast Coating 

Standard dielectric mirror coating can create significant dispersive effects because of the ultrashort pulses it has. It uses sapphire lasers. The phase of variation at a particular wavelength is created by the dispersion of the material and interference between the coating layers. The group delay is associated with the slope of the phase variation and for that the wavelength regions offer considerable GDD error. This can widen and distort the pulse. 

There are so many more things to know about the technology behind the optical mirror coating. If you want to get such mirrors with a particular type of coating, you must take the professionals help for making your investment worth.