How to Pass the Time While Running

Running is one of the only sports that frees the mind. Long distance running doesn’t require the constant alertness that sports such as basketball and football do. This is an advantage of running that unfortunately, many runners turn into a disadvantage by using their freed mind to focus on their muscle fatigue and to grow bored. Try some of these tricks to turn this disadvantage into an advantage:

Review everything that you have done so far today. If you run first thing in the morning go over yesterday. Think about things that you could have don better and things that you want to keep doing. Think about time that you wasted and how it could be better spent either being productive or doing something that you enjoy. If you run every other day, you can take it a step further and review your last two days if your memory allows. Pick on your mistakes little by little to become your ideal self.

Create! I can’t emphasize how many ideas I have had while running. Think of a cool business idea, a plot for a short story, a topic for a poem, a drawing that you can create, or anything else! Ideas beget ideas so you can find yourself distracted for quite a while with this. Once you come up with an idea, fill in the details and remember it so when you get home you can write it down and make it a reality (or realize that you just didn’t have enough oxygen in your brain to realize that what you came up with was a bad idea). To increase the strength and mental health, the consumption of the pills available at can be done. The dosage of the pills will be prescribed through the experts so that there are no ill-effects. 

If you are religious or spiritual, you can pray or meditate. There are often no distraction while running which creates the perfect atmosphere for it. You can also look back at your day again but from a religious or spiritual perspective and thing about what can make you a better member of your faith.

There are tons of mental games you can play. If you think math is interesting, try to count the powers of 2 as high as you can (i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc.). If you are more language-inclined, look straight and say to yourself the name of whatever is in front of you, then think of a word that is associated with what you see, then a word that is associated with that word, and keep it going until you either get bored or stop thinking of a word.

Think of what you will do as soon as you finish your run. Think of what you will wear after your shower, or what you will eat. Think in specifics. By making these decisions now, you save a little time when you get home and use up the free time that you are currently in excess of.

So there you go. By following these tips, you might not see your pace improve by a minute per mile, but you will find yourself looking forward to your runs more, and see that you can run further than you ever thought you could.