Is It Possible To Motivate Employees With Gamification?

Gamification is a process wherein the concept of games and its elements are used in non-game scenarios. This is commonly practiced in marketing products and services to clients so as to let them engage in what business products companies are trying to offer.

But can gamification be used in the workplace to motivate employees as well? Here we breakdown a few possibilities:


In order to motivate employees, the management sets up goals for them to achieve. Usually, there are basic goals for every employer. When they are met, a positive outlook in the workplace is seen. But when the goal remains the same through the years, an employer no longer sees it as a goal but just a regular occurrence.

With gamification, goals are set to become different from time to time. These goals also need to be adjusted depending on the level of the employee so they would always feel challenged. Once they achieve each goal, badges are given in the form of incentives just like in games. This can be a great motivator in the workplace.


With gamification, competitiveness is measured. This will allow your employees to push themselves to do better. But importantly, it allows them to step up to the challenges making them feel satisfied at the end of every goal reached.


In MMORPG, players compete with other players in real time. They also form teams with other players just like in the MU Origin gameplay. If applied in the work place, this can promote sportsmanship and camaraderie between your employees. Managers will also be able to pinpoint the ones great in collaborative projects and those who excel in solo ones.

Gamification is possible to motivate employees. It sets goals and allows character development within each and every one of them. With the right gameplay, a stressful work place can turn into a fun and interactive kind.