PS4 Games Worth The Price And The Hype

Game developers release all sorts of games and installments on an annual basis with the hopes that the players will love them. Obviously, not every game released is a hit, many will miss the mark but it would be better if you’re aware which ones are actually worth the money; like Domino QQ. According to a number of reviews, below are the top games for PS4s for 2018 but do take note that not because these are the best for many then it will be the same for you.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

With the success of Marvel and the individual superhero movies released in the cinema these past few years, it’s not at all surprising that they would enter the gaming franchise. Marvel’s Spider-Man is counted among the latest superhero games. Obviously, the game involves a lot of swinging which earns you spectacular views over buildings and the traffic of New York City. From the beginning of the game and to the moment the movement starts, the fun never ceases. Apart from what you may see, the game’s quality is able to constantly keep up in every aspect. Similar to the movie characters themselves, the characters in this game are charming and charismatic so you’ll be hooked with the story and actually care with what happens.

The Banner Saga 3

Now at the end of it’s amazing trilogy, what started out in 2012 has reached third and final installment. The storyline is quite grueling in a sense that the characters who suffered and survived in the entirety will face the challenge of their lives; some missions may kill your favorite characters because of a wrong decision. It’s the ideal game for players who love quality hand drawn drawings, tales of Vikings and the strategic placing of certain units on the battlefield.