Review of Tumi Luggage


If you are a frequent traveler be it for business or pleasure, and you don’t already own it, you will want to read this review of Tumi Luggage. Frequent travelers know the importance of owning good luggage. You want luggage that looks good, is functional, ergonomically correct, is lightweight, and withstands the test of time and bag handlers. Particularly in the case of luggage, wear and tear, and handling, a consumer truly pays for what he gets. Why not get quality luggage that will last, stand the test of time, and is fashionable? In a word this sounds like Tumi Luggage, the luggage of choice for world travelers. But is high-end luggage all it is cracked up to be? Are the bags truly worth what they cost? This article will review one of the most popular high-end brands Tumi Luggage.


Tumi not only offers luggage, but also lifestyle and business accessories for the world-class traveler or businessperson. Before getting into the styles and prices of Tumi brand products, emphasis should be put on the warranty offered on the world-class products. First of all, all Tumi brand products (with the exceptions of pens, accessories, slg, and watches) come with a 5-year warranty. Throughout the duration of your 5-year warranty you will receive impeccable customer service. The first year of the warranty Tumi covers all repair expenses including wear and tear, and that received by airline handling, with the only exception being cosmetic such as leather scratches and dings. Shipping and handling costs to the facility are also covered. The second year through the fifth year of the warrant customers can expect their Tumi Luggage warranty to cover the costs for repairs for damage related to defective workmanship and or materials, wear and tear, and structural problems. Again cosmetic repairs and or damage that appears to have occurred from abuse will not be covered. Should your Tumi Luggage last five years; the company offers to service the bag when you need it should you opt to have your investment refurbished. As is the case in all warranties consumers are advised to retain their proof of purchase for future servicing of the products.

There is a separate warrant for the Tumi Flow, T-Tech, and Pulse Line of products, which offers a three-year warranty. The first year warranty is the same as the Tumi Brand Luggage and years two through three are equivalent to that of years two through five of said warranty. Subsequently the Tumi SLG’s and accessories offer a two-year warranty that follows the same format for guarantee and customer service.

The most popular bag most frequent flyers use is a 22 inch carry on bag on wheels. The basic concept of a bag this size is convenience, the ability to maximize space, and eliminate delays by having the ability to carry it onboard. The bag offers a popup expandable main compartment, interior accessories pockets, and a removable garment sleeve. The Generation 4 Travel matches this size in the Tumi Luggage with an average retail price of $645.00. A basic Expandable Organizer and Computer Brief retails for $335.00 made of FXT Ballistic. The leather version ranges from $395.00 to $575.00 depending on the size. For the Tumi garment bags on wheels you can expect to pay anywhere from $195.00 up to $795.00 depending on the material of the bag. The wheeled duffels are a popular item offered in a variety of styles and colors ranging anywhere from %165.00 up to $645.00. Carry-0n Duffels average around $195.00 and up.

Are the prices worth it? Well who is to say? Only you can determine what your needs are and where luggage fits on your scale of priorities. For some people the reliability of their luggage is important because they simply don’t have the time to deal with the hassle of less dependable brands. Others prefer buying inexpensive luggage yearly as they travel. It’s all about choices. For more information on Tumi Luggage, the luggage of choice for world travelers, contact Tumi at 800-781-TUMI or visit the Web site for more details.


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