Rhinestone Jewelry Store For Your Pageant Crowns

A pageant will never be complete without pageant crowns and the titles that come with them. Usually, these pageants finish with the top three or top five contestants. Each of these contestants earned a gorgeous crown to rest on their heads and as their ranking gets higher the crown gets grander.


If you’re on the head of the committee that takes care of the pageant preparations, then the task of finding these breathtaking pageant crowns are up to you. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to go from one shop to the other, we highly recommend going for online shops like Rhinestone Jewelry store.

Rhinestone Jewelry Store

Without a doubt, Rhinestone Jewelry store features some of the most dazzling accessories including pageant crowns, at a reasonable price; of course the more it sparkles, the higher the prices go. Since you’re now enticed with their products, it’s better to be a bit more informed when it comes to their terms and policies. When couriers are concerned, orders within the USA usually delivered through UPS. But for international orders, since they ship anywhere in the world, they partner with Express, DHL, UPS and the Postal services; it will mainly depend on your country and location.


Orders that are immediately placed will follow a certain schedule. Basically, all the orders received from Monday to Thursday before the clock strikes 3:00pm EST are included in the same day order category as well as those placed during Fridays at around 1:00pm EST. Meanwhile, orders placed any time during the weekends will be scheduled for delivery on the next working day of the following week. Orders made with declined credit card charges or credit cards that have already been declined themselves will be delayed. Make sure to include your contact number in case problems arise.