Scrapping Man Boobs

Scientists call this self-esteem draining condition gynaecomastia. There is no reason to turn this in to a biology class. What you need to understand about the development of man boobs is that when you have too much of the hormone oestrogen as a man than you do androgen hormones, man boobs develop.  While the condition is common our lifestyles and diets do more bad than good. Most of us just want to sit around and eat greasy food while we are at it. There are few things you could do to help yourself. These tips will show you how to get rid of man boobs.  001_how-to-get-rid-of-man-boobs

Stay away from alcohol. If you were to use your hands to count the number of health risks alcohol brings with it, you’d run out of fingers. If it isn’t the calories, then it’s the liver damage or the cancer and sperm quality depreciation. Décolletages belong to women. Don’t let alcohol give them to you.

While you’re cutting down on fat intake to get rid of man boobs and an unwanted potbelly, do not overdo it. Medical research has shown that taking too little to get rid of what’s already there could reduce you testosterone levels. If you’re testosterone levels go downhill, man boobs are coming.59b6f0d9b80a11c7a84a183e2e1da928

Exercise burns calories. Everybody knows that. It is also included in the recipe on how to get rid of man boobs. Don’t rush to the gym though. Press ups have been proven to do a better job at getting rid of man boobs. These press ups should include high upward movements.gynecomastia_14l


The truth is if we exercised discipline over our diets and practised more fitness, we wouldn’t have to deal with half of the diseases plaguing us today. We have more choice than we think.