Speed Racer: The Movie

Nearly four decades later after Speed Racer hit the television screen, a live-action movie is now coming out about the infamous cartoon. Many of us grew up on this nostalgic Japanese anime, which we had a good laugh with since the mouths didn’t match the words. Now we will have the opportunity to see a live-action movie based upon the adventurous cartoon, with most of our favorite characters. Speed racer is also available on 123 movies, where you can watch this amazing movie for free. 

Larry and Andy Wachowski, the writers who brought us “The Matrix,” have outdone themselves for this once in a lifetime film. They have brought together a wonderful cast of people who really do bring out the characters that were once animated.

Emile Hirsch is playing the part of Speed Racer, along with John Goodman as the father and Susan Sarandon as Mrs. Racer. Then there is Christina Ricci as Trixi. I was not expecting that. This will make the movie even more interesting.

Matthew Fox will play Racer X, as we know will be the mysterious racer within the movie.

This will be interesting to see most of the cartoons wrapped up in one movie. Of course with a movie making the way it is now, they can now emulate the odd workings of Speed Racer’s Mach 5 vehicle. Who knows where they will travel throughout the movie, and where in the world they will end up. Most of the villans that Speed came up against will come to life and make for a suspenseful movie.

Supposedly, the movie of Speed Racer will be in theatres this coming May of 2008. Hopefully, it will be all that we expect. Many will wonder how Speed Racer knows how to fight the way he does if all he knows is racing. This is what makes the movie reflect back on the cartoon. You are always under the impression that Speed Racer is this motorhead who knows nothing other than racing and cars. He may still be uneducated in women, but somehow he finds out how to deal with them.

Secrets may reveal themselves in this movie as it unfolds, but until we get to see the movie we will not know. One of the biggest mysteries is why his brother dies, yet….then there is this mysterious Racer X who shows up on the scene. Are they one and the same? Maybe, maybe not.

Another mystery is how the youngest son, Spritle played by Paulie Litt, and his monkey friend is always managing to get themselves into trouble. They only mean well to tag along in the Mach V to help Speed Racer in his endeavors to win a race, as they hide in the trunk. They seem to always get caught by the villans along with Trixi. Let’s hope the movie holds true to the cartoon and actually pays it some justice.

Hopefully, Speed Racer fans will not be let down by this movie. We can only hope that it will bring back those memories when we came home from school and waited to watch the suspenseful racing cartoon, and the mix-ups Speed Racer would get into, and somehow get out of. This was the first cartoon that I can remember continuing the next week. Who knows, there may be two sequels to this movie.