Super Smash Bros. Brawl Strategy: The Sproutage Of The Flower Pikmin Event

The Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin Event in Super Smash Bros. Brawl is not your typical event. Instead of defeating your enemies, the objective is to stay alive. Here are some tips to surviving this unusual event.


Olimar and his Pikmins are newcomers to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Like in the Pikmin series of games, the spout on top of the Pikmin’s head will bloom into a flower as time passes. In The Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin Event, you will need to do the same thing. All six Pikmins in Olimar’s command must fully bloom. Unfortunately, Pokémon Trainer and Pikachu are there to stop Olimar and his Pikmins.

Unlocking the Event

The Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin Event is the 14th event on the chart. By beating the 7 of the first 10 events, you will unlock it.


Beating The Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin Event in any difficulty will unlock the Red Pikmin Trophy. You must also clear this event to unlock Event #41.

Basic Strategies


The Distant Planet stage is medium size. This is good for Olimar since he has to avoid two enemies in The Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin Event. The stage has two particular areas to worry about. To the far left is a slanted cliff that will become slippery once it rains. In addition, a giant mascot-eating creature often appears to the far right. Both of these quirks are easily avoidable however.

In general, you can avoid both your opponents by going to one edge, waiting for them to get close, double jumping over them and running to the other edge. Rinse and repeat until all 6 Pikmins are fully grown. It takes about 40 seconds for one to bloom.


You don’t need to hit your opponent in order to beat The Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin Event. You do, however, have to avoid them. Pikachu will be a problem since he is quick and agile. With the exception of Squirtle, Pokémon Trainer’s other Pokémons are slow.


Since you don’t have to defeat your opponents, picking up items is unnecessary. Doing so can actually slow you down. So unless the item is overpowering, avoid picking it up.


You only need to know one move about Situs Judi Online before you start with your favorite player in the game to have a proper gameplay strategy: Olimar’s Pikmin Pluck. Since Olimar only starts with 3 Pikmins, he has to pluck the rest from the ground. Make sure you do so immediately once the match starts. Keep a head count on your Pikmin as you won’t beat The Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin Event until all six Pikmins in your possession bloom into flowers. Pluck out new Pikmins if the count is less than six.

Otherwise, you have to block, dodge and run away from your opponents. Using your Pikmin to attack your opponents will only put them in danger.

As long as you don’t attack, you will be fine. If done perfectly, you will beat The Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin Event in just a little over 40 seconds.