How To Teach English In TEFL In Thailand With No Degree?

Ask any teaching graduate and they’d all tell you that they want to go abroad to look for a job. It’s quite easy actually. When you have a degree in teaching, most specifically English, all you have to do is look for your first job, just gain a couple of job experiences. Once you do that successfully, there is no doubt that your career will go to greater heights. 

Of course, things are quite different if you are someone without a degree. Let’s find out how you can achieve your dream of teaching TEFL if you have no degree in teaching or in English. 

Choose The Right Country

Most of the countries we know are quite strict when it comes to letting people teach English. However, there are actually some places where you can actually pull it off. Three of the best countries to pay a visit are Cambodia, Russia, and Thailand. 

Target Government Schools

You might even hear some people say “teach english in thailand no degree no problem”. However, the process is more complicated than it looks. Our advice is to target government schools. One thing for sure is that they won’t be giving you a permit if you don’t have a degree but they will still hire you. 

But just like what we said. It isn’t easy. You are going to have to do some leg work if you want that teaching permit but you will get there in the end. That’s for sure. 

Get A TEFL Certificate

This is sort of a requirement if you want to teach abroad. You need to have a TEFL certificate. Of course, this is something that is just as difficult to get like the teaching permit. 

Since this also costs some money, you might want to save money from your new job at the government school before getting this one.