Templates To Attract The Blogging Community For Free

If you are starting a new business and are in a need to capture a quick audience, you can use the free blogger templates to create a new blog for your business or service. It is the platform that Google had introduced and is still user friendly and the most used platform.

Features that Attract Bloggers


Blogger templates are Seo Friendly and responsive. It has a drop down menu and vertical drop down menu. It helps in easy page navigation where you can browse page by page. The footer column with its varied features and the sidebars help to add appeal to the blog. Post Thumbnails, Breadcrumbs Navigation, Tabbed Widget are some important features that have attracted many new entrants to the blogging community. With these features, users can make use of these free blogger templates to improve their business. These templates can also be used to make their own customized blogs as per one’s own requirement.

Building a Template with Impressive Options

Your blog template is your very own. It is going to help you in your individual or business life and has to be impressive. Style, color and theme are important to create good impressions. Templates come in various styles like magazine, portfolio, wordpress themes looks, as well as Simple, Elegant, Modern, Gallery and 3D style. These are simple styles that process fast. You can also choose from recent designs that have claimed the attention of many. Clean designs improve web speed.


Blogger templates make use of 1 to 4 columns. Colors generally used are black, blue, brown, gray, orange, red, green, violet, white, silver, yellow and pink. The topics these blogs are used for are personal pages, music, photography, new, anime, movie, business, games and fashion. Quality themes are available in the free blogger templates for new entrants and for those established to create even better versions of blog.

If you need help to promote your blog we have blog community experts to help you. You may have many questions such as how to install a blog template, how to alter your blog, how to customize your own blog, etc. We help to clear your doubts as well as to improve your blog and give professional help. Just get in touch. You can also share your new templates to help the blogger community to improve. Feature rich templates are always impressive.