The Perfect eJuice for You

Vaping is one thing, but vaping using delicious eJuice can be an amazing experience. Just like with food, people are going to have different opinions and preferences regarding eJuice flavours. Also, there are tons of shops and companies out there that offer all kinds of eJuice, but if you want a wide array of top quality eJuice then we recommend Slim’s eJuice. Not only do they offer mixes, specialties and classic flavours but they also offer ‘create your own flavour’ option. Of course all their products are of high quality, made and tested by the experts. v2-cigs-best-e-juice

Slim’s eJuicen Flavours

If you’re wondering just how huge the selection for eJuice is, then you’d be surprised at how overwhelming a choice can be.

  1. Candy – they offer almost every kind of candy flavour, especially classics like apple candy, black licorice, bubblegum, blueberry, butter toffee, butterscotch, caramel cinnamon, peppermint, tutti fruity, cotton candy and more.
  2. Fruit – yes, even fruits are an option for e-juice flavours. They offer flavours like acai berry, banana, blood orange, black berry, cherry berry, dragon fruit, guava, kiwi, mango, orange, pear, pumpkin, tangerine and watermelon.
  3. Sweets – sweet things other than candy of course. You have a choice of apple pie, banana foster, cheese cake, cinnamon roll, French vanilla, gingerbread, maple syrup, peanut butter, rocky road, sugar cookies, toasted marshmallow and more.
  4. Drinks – surprised? Even drinks are an option here. They offer absinthe, black tea, brandy, cappuccino, chai tea, champagne, cherry soda, classic cola, eggnog, ginger ale, green tea, iced tea, root beer and whisky.njoy-best-e-liquid
  5. Everything Else – where eJuice that don’t exactly fit into the other categories can be found. Here there are flavours like anise, crispy rice, dill pickle, graham crackers, hazelnut, lavender, menthol, pistachio, pizza, waffle, pumpkin spice, pizza, pecan and more