Top 5 International brands for Sunglasses

Sunglasses for sure carry a special mention part of our wardrobe that helps us to wear right expression with great confident, International brands with great ability to design sunglases with trendy looks and shades never let the audience bored with its appearance. In the article we will discuss top world brands as Gucci, Ray Ban, Persol, and many more. fa347f58fc5e898dd7b24683487ac7a0

  1. Gucci

The Italy based company with great art of designing is known as one of the best available option in fashion industry, call it bag or clothes or other leather based goods, Gucci carries its special mention everywhere. Talking about sunglasses, GUCCI brand is famous for all kind of occasions and evening parties.temp2.0x0

  1. Fendi

Fendi positioned at the fourth spot in the list is known as one of the best trending model in sunglasses variety around the world. The brand always offered the best to customers as it uses the latest technology based on microfiber for crystal clear vision. The special range of fashionable model is available for both men and women.

  1. Ray Ban

The brand well known under the leadership of United States company Bausch & Lomb is popular amongst all age as it make available special range of sunglasses model for youngster, elder as well as for the old age people.

  1. Persol

Another Italian company in the list, Persol has ensured its presence in more than 50 countries around the world as the company is known well to design sunglasses and to form optical frames at affordable price. In order to buy Persol sunglasses you can surf different available online shopping portals with trendy designs and looks.

01 Oakley

Oakley, the company from America is known as the best available and top available choice while talking about sunglasses and eye care. The range of option and choices available as Oakley are sports gear, ski/snowboard goggles, optical frames and other articles.