Want to Modify Your Wii with the WiiKey

Nearly every video game system that comes out now has some sort of Mod chip that you can buy and install (at your own risk of course) to allow the system to play “Backed Up” games. These backups are actually burned games called backups because of course it is illegal to burn games and use them. So where do you get this mod chip?

The best one around is the Wii Key and you can get one at (http://www.wiikey.cn/), then go to their resellers section to find a place to buy the Wii Key online. The product is great works very well and doesn’t have many issues, if you install it correctly. Before you get all crazy and start installing make sure you read the forums and find out the do’s and don’ts the installing the Wii Key. There is a lot of great information here at AfterDawn (http://forums.afterdawn.com) just put in Wii Key in the search and find a bunch of great resources on installation of this mod chip.

What most users have run into, including myself, were problems taking their Wii apart, which should only be done if you want to void your warranty and risk any damage to your Wii’s internal components. If you are careful you won’t have any problems but just remember you are taking apart and modifying a $300 piece of equipment and if you mess it up you will be replacing your system and the warranty isn’t going to cover it. The wing nuts can be an issue and if you don’t have the right tool they can strip and then you might have to drill the out and it will be a pain. Just be careful when you are working on the Wii, take your time and don’t rush, a mistake can be costly.

You are also going to have to solder some of the wires so that it works properly so keep this in mind, soldering can be tedious work and you need to again be very precise when doing it. There is a guide to what to solder on the Wii Key here (http://www.mod-chip.com/images/Wii/wiikey/wiikey_manual.pdf). There are also several different forums on the installation of the Wii Key on the AfterDawn forums, do your research before you begin the process.

Once you do successfully install your Wii Key then you will want to know how to create good backups of the Wii games so you can use them on your modded system. This link here (http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/471073) is probably the best guide on how to create Wii backups. It is very well written and if you have any issues you can always ask the creator of the guide or write in the forums on AfterDawn. The programs that the author uses are free so you won’t have to get anything special that costs extra money!

Nintendo has recently created a new version of the circuits in the Wii because of the Wii Key and other mod chips so you will have to be sure you have the right version of Wii before you get all crazy and start tearing it down to install a mod chip on https://dominoqiuqiu.co.id, that is significantly different in comparison with any other chips in the segment; that lays on the algorithms basis of coded software’s. Make sure you Wii is the right one and read this article (http://www.afterdawn.com/news/archive/9262.cfm) and constantly check AfterDawn forums they will find a way to mod the new version soon so don’t worry!

Anyway follow the guides on how to install the mod chip and how to make backups of the games and in no time you will have plenty of Wii games and be spending hours playing! Hope this information helps you with all of your Wii gaming!