Ways To Clean Large Hamster Cages

Aside from buying toys and other necessities for your hamster, you should also keep in mind that owning such animals require you to have more time spent for cleaning. Cleaning large hamster cages is somehow easier than smaller ones since you get more room to move around and make sure that you can clean the entire space with ease. Also, you should schedule cleaning the cages at least twice a week to make sure that the entire area is clean.large hamster cagesKeep in mind that hamsters are like other animals that can also produce lots of waste. If you are keeping your hamster in your room, it is best that you keep the large hamster cages always clean. This will prevent your room from smelling and also keeping your hamster comfortable inside the cage.large hamster cages

Easy and Simple Steps

Firstly, you need to transfer your hamster to another place while cleaning. If you have a separate playpen for your hamster, then better. To get started, remove the wheel, toys, food and water dishes, and tip everything else over the trash bin. Now, using a mild or unscented dishwashing liquid and warm water, clean the entire cage, and dry it off with paper towels.

Replace the beddings, litter, and all other things with new ones. Clean the wheel, toys, and the food and water dishes as well. Once done, you can put the toys, dishes, and wheel back inside and then put some treats on the food dish.

To help your hamster get used with the new environment, you can leave out some of the beddings used before just to maintain his or her own smell inside the cage. Take note of all the things that you shouldn’t put inside your pet’s cage, to make sure that your pet will not get injured or suffer from any health problems. Always remember that you go for cleaning products that does not emit or leave a strong scent that will make your pet uncomfortable.