What’s A Good Waterproof Tent For Adventures?

So you have decided to go on an adventure in the wilderness along with your friends. In the long list of things that you need in order to make your adventure safe and comfortable is the best waterproof tents that you can get in the market. There are tons of options that you can get your hand on and which is why it can be quite confusing for some of use to select the best possible option according to our adventure. In this article, we are going through 2 of the best Tents that you can buy for your trip to the wilderness:

  • The Mutha Hubba NX tent is one of the most productive and versatile tents that you can find. You get a lightweight and highly portable tent that you can carry. You can easily set up the tent on your own as you get color-coded clips and unified hub and pole system that you can use for it easy setup. Along with all this, you get plenty of room inside the tent, 3 people can easily get inside the without any problem. In order to keep the inside of the comfortable you get a large stay dry door and built-in cross ventilation and rain gutters.
    This is a highly waterproof tent that you can rely upon. With its strong construction, you can rely upon its durability as well. On the downside, you get less internal storage and this tent can be a little expensive for an average consumer.
  • The next tent in that equally good is Coleman Sundome 9 Dome waterproof tent. This is another versatile and useful tent that you can consider for your outdoor activities. Up to 4 people can sleep comfortably in this large tent. You get a tough, durable, and waterproof tent as you but this product. You also get discreet and secure zippered electrical points that can be quite handy as your visit. Besides all this, you have a ventilation system that will keep the inside of the tent cool. With its lightweight construction and sturdy floor, you have a reliable tent. You also get decent internal storage as well.

On the downside, you have half mesh doors and the rainfly not covered completely.