Affordable Quality Childcare in St. Charles County for Only $110/ Week

Affordable quality childcare in St. Charles County is rare and unusual with the average rate per week at $160 to $220 per week. Single parents and lower-income households are finding it difficult to pay the cost of childcare and justify working at these prices. Many working mothers are finding themselves putting off their careers, schooling, and jobs in order to stay at home. If they choose to continue working, they often compromise the quality of care for affordability and end up placing their children with low rate baby sitters that have little education or experience in caring for small children.

Soon, many parents won’t have to sacrifice quality to find affordable care. Wiggle Wobbles Play Center is a new age childcare facility opening in St. Peters, Missouri in October of 2010 and will charge parents an unbeatable rate of $110 per week to start full-time care (with some restrictions).

The state of the art facility will be located at the convenient corner of Jungerman and McClay in the Triad Business Center where more than 19,000 cars pass daily. The physical address of the facility is 1380 Triad Center Drive, St Peters, MO 63376. The owner is currently in the process of renovating the building where a previous childcare facility operated as The Learning Ladder since 2001.

Wiggle Wobble’s owner, Lisa Sanborn, is designing a new kitchen for the facility. The kitchen will be a key factor in the success of the new operation. The previous childcare operations in the same building were catering food to their students at a high overhead cost that may have contributed to their lack of longevity in the building. The new kitchen will have all the features required for state-licensed food service and the center will serve a variety of nutritious meals and snacks.

The facility will also receive upgrades and alterations to establish 3 large open classrooms within the building. These 3 classrooms will serve approximately 30 children from Infants to age 6 and provide a huge variety of activities including large climbing structures, tons of arts and crafts activities, a computer learning center and an elaborate library of age-appropriate books. A special Infant/Toddler room will be established to provide quality care for newborns at a ratio of fewer than 4 children per adult.

All staff will be highly educated, trained, and carefully selected by the directing owner who has provided quality care services for over 16 years. Lisa Sanborn, the directing owner, has experience in operations management of an hourly childcare facility, which she sold in 2001 undecided about her career. She has since then decided that this was her “forever calling” and claims “God has served this opportunity to me on a silver platter.” She has also been approved as a foster parent in two states and has 2 teenagers and a 3-year-old still at home. She has been a den mother for the Boy Scouts of America, and also acquired her real estate license in 2000. She served a single overseas tour in Germany as a soldier in the United States Army and received commendable awards and an honorable discharge in 1993.

After her service to the country, Lisa attended extensive training for early childhood education and received a degree in Business Management. She believes that education is an ongoing process so she is currently working toward her Master’s Degree in Business Administration coupled with a minor in early childhood education. She is dedicated to self-improvement and her goal is to achieve an award-winning facility where parents can receive quality childcare at an affordable cost.

The Wiggle Wobbles facility will be accepting applications from area residents who wish to secure a reservation for their child’s enrollment. The facility is expected to be completely full as of January 15, 2010, with limited openings upon graduation of children entering kindergarten. If you wish to get more information about the facility and how to register your child, email the owner at and request a child reservation form.

All parents who wish to reserve enrollment for their child will pay a $25 registration fee and the first week of childcare in order to secure their enrollment. The facility is expected to reach maximum enrollment by January 1, 2010, but may fill up sooner considering the affordability. She expects many parents may reassess their current childcare programs and providers and wish to make a switch to a more affordable situation or better quality program, or both. And this location is not that close to your house you can also try The Heights Childcare another exceptional daycare service provider. Considering all the things that you need to check before you opt for any of the service providers, choosing  The Height is a wise choice.