All about Game Mods

Aracade Games, and other kinds of electronic games have been popular since the latter part of the 20th century. Having said that, different programmers and creators have pulled out all the stops just so that they could come up with games which many players from all parts of the world would want to play. With the access to knowledge on programming, people have already gone beyond merely playing these games, and have begun to put modifications in their own hands, such is the case for Mods for RimWorld. Bud what exactly are mods, and how are mods made? Let’s find out below.

What exactly is mod?  ocd@work

The word mod comes from the term “modify”, or to change particular aspects in a game. These aspects may include every single aspect there is to gaming, and is achieved through special editors and the use of existing game engines. Editor programs are available for those who desire easier modding, and the person who does it is called a modder.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcSktakMpp7oby6JCyEfKbS-HHYP4h6dmLsgTQ9JBEhy1fWun8AU

How can it be done?

Stand-alone Games and/or Custom Levels

Stand-alone game mods, out of the ways in which game modding can be done appear to be the most complex, given that you would have to create a sub-game that would entail having a different gaming objective to the game that has been released.


If you would want to express yourself more in the world of gaming, then the best means you could possibly do so would be to create your own character. Apart from self-expression, creating characters allow you to have characters with powers and/or skills not found in any of the original ones developed for the game.


The least complex to out of all the mods, having modified objects allow your character to do things they would not have been able to do otherwise, and thus giving them a better shot at the game.