Avoid The Common Mistakes And Set Up A Facebook Business Page Properly

In my experience, many small business owners, community groups and small projects make genuine attempts at setting up their social media platforms, making a few common mistakes. Facebook is usually everyone’s go-to when it comes to taking a business social, so I would like to share with you these frequent errors so that you can avoid making them yourself.

Setting up a business page as a person, rather than a page.

This, unfortunately, I see all the time. There are many reasons why this isn’t the way to go- the first being that you are limited to only having 5000 friends, as opposed to an unlimited number of followers. The second reason is that you then would need to go through and accept all of those friend requests individually- but that is only if your page is actually being found, which might prove difficult without being able to advertise or boost your page. You see with a ‘human’ account, it is impossible to grow your page through promoting it to a wider audience, as well as having the option to “boost” your posts to capture more interactions. The Best place to buy real YouTube subscribers fast & safe should be selected with the intelligence and excellence of the people. The engagement of the audience is required to be large for increasing the sale of the products. The promotion of the brand is done with the right approach and strategy to get the desired results. 

Not sizing your cover and profile images as required

If you are not familiar with re sizing photos this one has probably been very frustrating. Facebook has image size requirements, and if the files that you upload do not meet these, they will be compressed for you, often leaving you with a blurry logo or cover image.

To avoid this, ensure that they meet the following criteria:

COVER IMAGE: 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels high, and under 100KB, saved in .png format.

LOGO/PROFILE IMAGE: 180 pixels x 180 pixels, saved in .png format. As Facebook will re size this to 160 pixels, ensure that there is a border around your logo of 5 pixels so that you do not loose any of your image. If you aren’t getting great results with that size, try 320 x 320 pixels, the result may be sharper for you.

Doing the hard sell- over and over

If someone has Liked your page, it means that they are interested in your brand, your product, or what you do. By this time you have their attention, so using Facebook to sell to your audience is not the way to go. Instead, use Facebook (and Instagram, if applicable) to focus on the activity behind the scenes. Take followers on a journey through your photo shoots, into your office, down for coffee- introduce them to your team and really show who you are and what your business stands for. The sales will come, because followers will begin to connect to and love your brand for what it is, and in turn they will want to support it.

Of course share with them upcoming events, sales and new arrivals- this will keep them in the loop and feeling informed when it comes to your brand.

Being repetitive and not creative with posts

Facebook users will often complain about loads of advertising, boring posts and the insignificant content that can sometimes appear in their feed. To stand out from the crowd, you need to be creative with what you post and I always recommend using images (be sure that you own the rights to them, or you are using your own). We are all very visual beings and breaking up text with an eye-capturing image relating to your post will be sure to grab their attention.